October  3rd - 5th of 2018



III Latin-American Conference on Bioimpedance – CLABIO

The third conference (Colombia, CLABIO-2018) will take place in Manizales-Colombia, where Professor Carlos-Augusto González-Correa from University of Caldas (Universidad de Caldas, UC) will be the chair, and Professor David-Alejandro Miranda-Mercado, from Industrial University of Santander (Universidad Industrial de Santander, UIS) will be a co-chair. It is important to highlight that, in the frame of the event, the book “Bioimpedance in Biomedical Applications and Research”, edited by Professors Pedro Berthemes-Filho and Franco Simini, (Springer Verlag 2018) will be launched for the Latinamerican public.

One main purpose of the organizers of the conference is to attract people working in the health, biomedical and biological fields, so that they get insight into the many possibilities of EBI as an attractive research, diagnosis and prognosis tool. Therefore, a pre-conference symposium will be focused on clinical applications of EBI.

The works may cover a broad range in Biomedical Engineering and Computing, Medical Physics, Medical Sciences, Environment, Biology and Chemistry. In addition, CLABIO 2018 intends to give students and research groups the time and space to learn more on Bioimpedance as an important tool for biological material characterization and also in diagnosis and prognosis of medical conditions.

Articles submitted for presentation at the Conference will be reviewed by an international technical committee of expert referees. Abstracts will be included in the proceedings of the conference (digital version in a CD). All papers should be prepared following the “Journal of Physics: Conference Series” (JOPCS, published by the Institute of Physics, IOP) standard format (download the template here). Articles that comply with the IOP policies and requirements  will be published in an especial issue of the JOPCS (see “Author Guide” section).

Social events and networking opportunities will be part of an informal get together in the Colombian style, in a weather that can be considered either as an eternal springtime or an eternal autumn, as we do not have proper seasons, and the temperature in the city varies very little throughout the year. Overall average temperature is 18oC (65oF), varying from 14 oC to 23 oC but rarely below 12 oC (54 oF) or above 25 oC (77 oF). Average hourly temperature is considered as comfortable during most part of daytime. (See: